Welcome to the information and application site of the online course:
Entrepreneurship Training Online
Offered by the The Network University (TNU), MD consultancy , and IAMtech.

This site outlines the main features of the course, including:

  • The aims of the course
  • What it is about and for whom it is created
  • Information about the initiators
  • Our didactical approach
  • The application and registration process

Entrepreneurship Training Online

This programme is not the usual kind of online course.

It is a longer trajectory that supports students and young entrepreneurs in setting up and expanding their own business. In this process, participants will be coached by successful African migrants in the Netherlands, in addition to the advice they get from trainers and entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone.

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A lack of jobs, income and perspective for students with secondary and tertiary education was one of the root courses of the civil war in Sierra Leone. Since few employers offer attractive chances for young graduates in the country, starting their own enterprise is an alternative for some of them.

This project offers on online programme on entrepreneurship, combined with an individual coaching trajectory for starting entrepreneurs for two years, during which they are supported by local trainers and by successful migrant entrepreneurs from Africa in the Netherlands.

With the outbreak of Ebola, the project has become even more urgent. Universities and schools are closed, formal education has practically come to a halt. Distance education can reach at least some students, who can continue their education in this way. In a post-ebola situation, the need for additional enterprises that create jobs will be greater than ever.

This course assists participants in identifying a business idea they feel passionate about and in testing whether this idea is viable. It supports participants, who have tested their ideas, to register and start their own business. It makes participants aware of possible sources for financing their business, but they have to explore these sources themselves. Once participants have started their business, the programme will help them to upscale and extend their business activities. Successful members of the African Diaspora will coach them in their efforts - not by telling them what to do, but by sharing their own experience, asking critical questions, and reflecting about possible next steps.