For whom?

The project aims in the first place at students and alumni of IAMTECH, one of the leading Polytechnics of the country. It will assist 50 prospective and 50 recently started entrepreneurs to identify opportunities, find a market niche, formulate realistic plans, and develop a small or medium sized business that will not only create sufficient income for themselves, but also offer employment to others and eventually contribute to the country’s export.

The course is only accessible for participants who really think about starting their own enterprise. It is not about learning “how to do” it, but it is intended for people who will really do it  -  not at a later stage, but as part of the course. Only when starting a real enterprise, opportunities and challenges become obvious, and real solutions can be found to real world problems. 

Entrée Criteria:

  • BECE certificate: participants must have successfully completed the Junior Secondary School (BECE) in a recognized educational setting;
  • Participants are motivated and have the ambition to start and run a successful business;
  • Motivation letter and at least 1 reference letter;
  • Participant owns a smart telephone, have access to internet and a functional email.
Please note that all participants should:
  • be in command of the English language;
  • have basic ICT skills
  • be able to spend a minimum of 4 hours per week on course work (and probably at least 6 hours per week on preparing their own enterprise).

By whom?

The course has been developed in partnership between the The Network University (TNU), Migration and Development Consultancy (MD Consultancy), IAMTECH – with the input of coaches in the Netherlands and trainers in Sierra Leone, see About Us.


Participants have to register for the course at IAMTECH in Freetown.  
The registration costs are 100.000 leones.

For more information go to the application page.


The course starts on 15 December 2015 and continuous till 15 August, 2016

Application Deadline: December 14, 2015
Announcement of selection: December 15, 2015

Please be aware that an application should consist of the online form and the word document. For more information please go to the application page.

Course ends on August 21, 2016. It is designed to be completed in one year (though the coaching relation may last longer).


If you wish to get more information on the program, then contact the project coordinator at IAMTECH:

Mohamed. S. Conteh