Collaborative learning

This programme favors collaborative learning. Participants are requested to actively contribute to discussions, asking critical questions to fellow participants and to the coaches, commenting on each other’s plans, and cooperating with others in the completion of the assignments. The course makes each participant a business consultant to all the others. In this way, it provides every participant with a small army of consultants with different experience in different industries and regions, which increases the chances of success for everyone.

Participants enter the course with an individual password, and attend at their own convenience, pace and level of intensity during the running of the course.

Every week, participants get another assignment. The assignments help participants to formulate a business idea, to validate their assumptions, to set up their own business step-by-step, and to expand their business once they have started. Most of the assignments are not just to elaborate on a specific topic or to answer questions, but to do something, to report on the results of the action, and to comment on the steps that others have taken.
The process is facilitated by coaches from the Netherlands, who have a business background.  Each participant will have an individual coach, but other coaches may also contribute, if the question at hand falls into their specific field of specialization (and if they have time to react).

In addition, participants can discuss issues with their trainers in Sierra Leone during individual or group meetings.

There are no traditional examinations in this programme. Proof of active participation is the successful fulfillment of the assignments and the step-by-step realization of the business plan. Participants do get a certificate at the end, which will detail their own individual achievements. But the real certification of success will be running a successful business.

The course is offered and supervised entirely in English language.

The course material on the course website will not remain constant, but will further evolve during the programme to answer the specific needs of the participants, follow their choices of industries, and deepen out those areas in which participants are most interested.